Bleach Manga Haul

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Bleach volume 66; 68-71 by Title Kubo
Attack on Titan No Regrets Full Color Edition by Hikaru Suruga and Gun Snark
The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

I’ve been marathoning the Bleach manga the past few weeks (the most manga-related fun I’ve had in a while.) I made my way through fifty something volumes, and with the Manga Mania sale, I was compelled to buy the rest of the ones I was missing.

Byakuya Kuchiki is honestly one of my original manga crushes, but I have developed a strange affinity for Mayuri. (Why though??) I hope I never figure it out because I’ll start questioning my own sanity; the captain of the twelfth division armed with his science is someone you should be afraid to fight.

The redesigned covers for The Thief series are quite pretty, and I definitely like them more than the originals. I hope that it’ll live up to my expectations after hearing about the clever nature of the writing and the characters. Lastly, the beautiful comprehensive Attack on Titan No Regrets Color Edition is double-dipping at its finest. I already have two other versions of this series, but well, Levi in color.

The pages are pretty thin, but again, Levi in color.

No regrets. (get it? I’m funny)

Are you a fan of manga? Have you read The Thief?

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5 responses to “Bleach Manga Haul

    • Kim

      I’d love to know which manga you got from Netgalley one day 🙂 Thank you! Bleach has been surprisingly more enjoyable that I even expected, though the set-up for the beginning is slow.
      Kim recently posted…Bleach Manga HaulMy Profile

    • Kim

      There’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about 🙂 If you do give manga a chance, though, I hope it lives up to your expectations. There’s so much to pick and choose from that it can be a bit daunting, but Attack on Titan always seems like a great place to start for a lot of first-time readers/watchers.

      If you can’t get into manga, you might find anime more engaging 😀 Thanks for stopping by!
      Kim recently posted…Bleach Manga HaulMy Profile

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