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It’s amusing to remind myself that a few months ago, before having read the All For the Game series by Nora Sakavic, it would have been an incredible struggle to decide which book I wanted to start reading. To add dramatic flair, it was a bit like balancing on a tightrope knowing that one wrong choice would cause me to stumble deeper into my reading slump. If the book was too dense, then the experience would drag until I was sufficiently bored out of my mind. If the book was short, I was convinced that it would lack character development and the pacing would lose any consistency. I played with the idea of tackling my ever growing manga collection and decided against that time investment. Simply put, I had a million reasons why I just couldn’t read and so many shows on Netflix that demanded my complete attention. Also, I like naps.

These days, it’s like a flip switched and suddenly I’m the person who can set Goodreads goals and reach them again. It’s a good feeling to be back reading. Believe it or not, I started A Court of Wings and Ruin the day it came out and it is now the beginning of November and I’m still not finished. Can we please get an Azriel centered book? He deserves great things, you hear me? A series that I’m not quite ready to wrap up is the Captive Prince trilogy. I started King’s Rising and put it off to the side to save my feelings, but I’ll have to make my way back before I forget everything that has happened in the first two books. I have reviews for Captive Prince and Prince’s Gambit though!

I’ve made the most progress with Poison Study and its pretty damn good. I’m glad that it has been living up to my expectations, but I’ve also been seeing that a lot of other reviewers think this series goes downhill. I’m not worried at all. Nope. Maybe a little, but I have faith. There was a continuation of the Study series that started publishing a couple years back, so I’ll have to look into those when I finish Fire Study. What Happened was something I started seeing on booktube, and someone was so excited to buy it that I got insanely curious and had to buy my own copy. Twenty pages in and it’s quite interesting and definitely an emotional rollercoaster. Hayate the Combat Butler volume two is surprisingly easy to follow considering I don’t own and never read volume one. I started it intending on unhauling it afterward, but the talking tiger sold me and now I want to keep it. Reducing my book collection never really seems to work out.

Currently Watching

Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara

just let me try some pretty please

This show never fails to make me extremely hungry, so I’ll take an order of whatever Soma’s having. Unless it’s one of his weird squid contraptions, I’ll have anything. Even Kuga’s super spicy, bright red Sichuan dishes. Season three covers content I’ve already read, but nevertheless, there’s a certain charm to this series that the anime brings to life with voice acting and bright colors. The Stagiaire arc is one of my favorites because the time we spent in Shino’s Tokyo was so much fun. How the relationship between Shinomiya and Soma developed makes me super happy, so even though Shinomiya’s a little grouchy, I’m always excited to see him appear in the story. (Have you guys read his spin-off manga?) The first few episodes of this season covers the Moon Banquet Festival, which is really the calm before the storm. After this, I gain such an appreciation for Erina’s grandfather, who is a fairly mysterious character. I’d like to see more of the man who admitted Soma into the Academy.


For some reason, I was ridiculously hesitant to start Orange, especially after seeing it get so much hype. It’s strange because I generally am drawn in by praise, not deterred by it. I’ve skimmed through the manga before, but when I started watching the anime, I was still expecting to be let down. It can’t be as good as everyone says. There’s nothing too special about this. Yet it is and there is. Orange is such a compelling take on time-travel, on the grief that spurs action, and it was a welcome change of pace from the other shows I’ve been watching. I have to say that I’m impressed, but I’m also very scared to keep watching in case this show tries to break my heart.


Line Walker: The Prelude

TVB usually doesn’t release HK dramas that become my favorites one after the other, but I loved The Unholy Alliance and I had a blast watching Line Walker: The Prelude. The original Line Walker was definitely another memorable drama, and I started running some old episodes because the ending to the prequel was just like what. the. fuck. No explanations just isn’t cool, so please make a sequel to the prequel that comes before the original 2014 series. I want it desperately. There’s an actor I never watched before, but he stars as one of my favorite characters in this show. Of course, there is a return of old roles reprised by the same actors I also love to see on screen.

Come From Away

“Because we come from everywhere, we all come from away.”

I can break into song with you when it comes to Hamilton, or tell you how happy I was to hear a song from the Percy Jackson’s broadway show, but I had no expectations when it came to watching Come From Away. I might have shed some not so secret tears, and overall it was an enjoyable experience. I thought the theatre was super pretty too, and you could see well from whatever seat you had. Seeing musicals makes me want to watch Hamilton in person, and I’m really sad that I missed the opportunity to see the original cast. For now, I’ll hug my copy of Hamilton the Revolution and it’ll just have to be enough. Let’s just wait for it, yeah?


Bartleby the Scrivener

I am now suspicious of everything our unreliable first-person narrative has told me, but I had a lot of fun reading this short story. Some of the analysis out there is like whoa how much more detailed can you get and how much more confused can I get???

Currently Listening To:

Gorgeous by Taylor Swift

                  You should take it as a compliment that I think you’re great for reading this far. I know a lot of people get distracted trying to listen to music with lyrics and doing work at the same time, but I actually prefer to have words to sing along to. Classical music and soundtracks are great in their own right, but for the most part, I tend to play one song on repeat if I can’t concentrate on homework.

Unforgettable Cover by Anth and Conor Maynard

The first time I listened to this, I was on the bus and it started making me tear up. I really love when the both of them do covers together.

What have you been reading and watching lately?

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      For some reason, I never turn towards music when I’m reading too. When I’m doing homework or writing anything, I like to have something playing in the background though. Most of the time it’s youtube videos, unless it’s a rare instance where even a little outside noise is distracting.
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