Review: Fizzopolis by Patrick Carman & Brain Sheesley

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Fizzopolis: The Trouble with Fuzzwonker Fizz by Patrick Carman & Brian Sheesley
Series: Fizzopolis (#1) 
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Published: March 1st, 2016
Source: ARC
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Welcome to Fizzopolis! Home to the world’s greatest soda pop, Fuzzwonker Fizz, and the Fizzies—fuzzy, fizzy creatures that live only in Fizzopolis. Join Harold and Floyd in this wacky new illustrated series from bestselling author Patrick Carman and Emmy Award–winning illustrator Brian Sheesley.

Harold Fuzzwonker is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary fizzy friend, Floyd. But Floyd’s a secret—like a top super-secret. Harold must protect him, as well as the family recipe for Fuzzwonker Fizz, from the evil Snood Candy Factory. But it’s hard to guard a secret when he’s your best good buddy and he always escapes from your backpack!

Harold chronicles his epic adventures—with a little artistic help from Floyd—that are sure to have Fuzzwonker Fizz squirting out your nose!

I read an advanced reader copy of Fizzopolis received from a convention. All opinions remain my own. 

This barely over 100 page arc I had laying in a corner of my house is certainly not the kind of book I would have picked up on my own. In all fairness, it’s a rare occurrence that I read middle grade penned by anyone but Rick Riordan. (The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen is really good though. I also have the Iron Trials, but it’s still waiting on the never ending to-be-read pile.) But Fizzopolis was hardly the size of my smallest notebook, and I’m happy that I didn’t include it with the rest of the books I gave away.

It’s not the kind of book I needed to read — it’s more of a right time right place chance story. I enjoyed stretching my imagination and looking over the quirky drawings in between the heavier books I was reading. It felt a little like catching an episode of the Nickelodeon show you used to watch when you were seven and saying, “Hey the fairy-oddparents, I remember this.”

It wasn’t laugh out loud hilarious, but it had its moments when it pulled a smile here and there. It’s a creative story I imagine a younger version of myself really enjoying. The kind of story that would be great for a parent to read to their child at night. Harold Fuzzwonker’s father is the creator of the most popular soda in the universe. A bottle of Fuzzwonker Fizz can produce long burps (kinda gross if you ask me but who’s asking) and it’s been the long-standing target of the evil Snood Candy Factory. (They are very villainous might I add, definitely horrifying)

Fizzopolis is also home to a host of Fizzies — strange creatures that have multiple arms, or a hose for a nose, and many of them speak English. Floyd becomes attached to Harold, and they make fast friends. I swear I know Floyd is a Fizzie, but all I could think about was how he reminds me of Plankton’s just because he was green.

I’m probably one of the few people who would ever find minor gripes about a relatively harmless wacky adventure story, but right from the beginning it threw me off a little that Harold usually calls his dad Dr. Fuzzwonker instead of Dad. Perhaps the next matter is more personal, but because I’m currently reading A Court of Wings and Ruin (thank you Tamlin for all the painful scenes in ACOMAF), the scene where Floyd makes a mess of Fizzopolis because Harold left for the day was just like warning warning this is not healthy. Please don’t destroy things when we can communicate. It’s not the healthiest of friend dynamics, but one of them is also green and the size of a baseball.

Fizzopolis was generally a cute read and could be a very casual pick-me-up even for older readers looking for something light in a reading slump. As far as good best friends go, Sammy kicked a lot of ass. When she pretends to see a monkey and then plays it off for a hairy teacher, girl bye I’m crying.

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